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Clear Brew is an eco-led professional beer line cleaning company that has been operating from its base in Cornwall for the best part of a decade, with branches located all around England, Scotland and Wales. We provide a regular professional dedicated beer line cleaning service to the licensed trade, including; public houses, social clubs, sports clubs, holiday parks, hotels and just about anywhere that has a traditional bar. As part of our green policy we aim to continually look at new ways to lessen our impact on the environment. Our machinery is eco-friendly and 100% energy efficient. All the chemicals we use are KOH formulated and market leading.

Sovereign Glass Washer

The Sovereign glass washer is UK built and designed to be a fully integrated machine. It has everything you need for perfect
glass washing, already built into it. The Sovereign glass washer also comes with not only the normal glass washing cycle;
it also has its own dedicated ‘specialist’ cycles programmed into the software and are unique to Clenaware machines. The
Sovereign glass washer is the ONLY glass washer to use a ‘Fresh Water Wash’. This system ensures the last wash is exactly the
same as the first and the Sovereign machine is also WRAS approved.

Glass Baskets

With many different styles of glassware in constant use in commercial bars and kitchens, it’s important that you choose the right basket to wash them in. Clenaware glass washing baskets come in a range of different sizes and styles which have been designed with each individual style in mind.
Each size and style of basket, comes with a premium plastic coating and have plastic corner clips fitted, making them more durable to general wear and tear, this therefore can pro-long the life of the basket. The spaces between the wirework ensures the water from the wash and rinse jets in the glass washer, have a larger area to get through and results in glasses that are washed and rinsed properly and thoroughly.
Clenaware glass washing baskets are available in 400mm, 450mm and 500mm sizes, and also come in a range of styles and function. Also available in the Clenaware glass basket range are basket extras, such as basket divider kits. The divider kits give users the ability to turn a standard glass washing basket into a more versatile basket by adding or taking away various sized compartments for a varied range of glassware to be washed.

Airack Glass Dryer

To serve the “Perfect Drink” you need a dry glass. The Airack Glass Dryer will dry up to 30 pint glasses in just 4 minutes. The ‘usual’ method in Bars for drying glasses is with a cloth or towel, or even air drying which can take up to 40 minutes! Using a cloth or towel can be a means of cross-contamination from glass to glass, especially if the towel has been laundered with fabric softener. Air drying is the correct and ONLY practice that should be followed. The Airack has been developed to greatly reduce the turnaround time from washing to use. The inside of a glass is the part of the glass that takes the longest to dry. The Airack has a specially moulded top cover with specially positioned holes that allow the air to circulate inside the upturned wet glass, this ensures that the inside of the glass is completely dry and what’s more, the whole drying process using an Airack takes just 4 minutes! The glasses are ready to use immediately after drying as they are ‘cool to the touch’. The Airack does not dry the glasses using warm air, the unit simply draws in the air at room temperature or “ambient” and the air action then cools the glasses as they dry.
The Airack comes with a drain funnel tube, automatic 4 minute timer and a changeable filter.

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