Beer Line Cleaning Systems

Clear Brew provide a fully managed regular dedicated beer line cleaning service to over 1000 licensed premises, including pubs, bars, clubs, social clubs, sports clubs, hotels and more. Our beer line cleaning systems clean both keg and cask lines maintaining dispense quality on a regular repeat 3 weekly cycle.

Our experienced technicians complete a full line clean plus cellar check on each visit to ensure your products and equipment are sustained in top condition. We use our own fully integrated verification system inputted by our technicians live whilst on site after job completion and uploaded to a central data base. This allows us to maintain standards not only in individual accounts but across our entire network and ensures that we provide a first class service time and time again.

Using a specialised water fed mixing unit coupled with inhibitors, market leading chemicals and our thorough techniques, all carried out by our experienced technicians.This service is guaranteed to save you money, reduce your wastage and improve the quality of your draught products, in turn it will also reduce your risk and maximise your yields and add real value to your business.

Our Pledge to you

Enhance your draught beers, sales and reputation

Maintain your cellar to the highest standards

Reduce your ullage, and significantly cut water and CO2 usage

Always provide the perfect pint time and time again

Be the very best at what we do and constantly strive to improve

Deliver a professional service that pays for itself and more

The Benefits

We are so confident in our beer line cleaning systems and method that we seek no contract, and we provide your initial clean FREE of charge! By doing this we can measure your ullage and subsequently provide you with a full quotation that will clearly show you the savings. Please note, this is free and like hundreds of other business owners like you that we currently look after, there’s no contract and no obligation to continue. Remember, if you’re in business to make a profit then our service will increase your margins, adding value to your business.

We are not in the business to sell you something and wave you goodbye but to provide an ongoing service that will do exactly what we promise, it’s in our best interests to help make you happy. So please remember it makes sense to reduce waste, save time, reduce risk whilst also saving money and improving product quality

This is the future of beer line cleaning


Unique portable water fed machine designed to clean lines under water pressure and mix chemicals to the exact % requirement, cleans both keg and cask lines, highly efficient , uses no electricity and simply designed to marry up to existing cellar set up


Trade strength potassium based purple beer line cleaning solution , the very best available, highly efficient and effective in the removal of bio-films and maintenance of dispense systems , fantastic rinsing capabilities and far more efficient than cheaper commonly used caustic based line cleaners


Using no electricity these tried and tested inhibitors are a natural energy source, unobtrusive and highly efficient, used in a variety of different applications across many sectors , these simply inhibit yeast particles keeping them buoyant within dispense systems meaning less yeast sticks to the beer lines and in turn reduces bio films build up    ,


Our fully managed labour inclusive service, providing real data, validating and providing clarity on each and every clean, designed to maintain standards, minimise waste and maximising yields means the job get done correctly each and every time , reducing the stress of managing in house and taking the worry out of training and staff holiday and sickness cover

We do not doubt your ability to maintain your lines and cellar, we are merely the extra help that you need to free up your valuable time and ensure your products and equipment are sustained in top condition. Our equipment, chemicals and techniques ensure the perfect pint – enhance your draught products as well as your reputation.

Our methods take the environment into account and here at Clear Brew we are always striving for new ways of bettering our green policy. Our service uses 70% less water and market leading chemicals and no propellant gas. The machinery we use is Eco-friendly and 100% energy efficient. Our inhibitors are a natural energy source and our methods will reduce wastage by up to 66%. To prove to you that Clear Brew is simply the right choice, we offer a  completely FREE of charge clean with no obligation and no contracts going forward we know this simply makes sense

 Get in touch today to book your FREE clean

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Free yourself from the weekly regime.

There are no contracts involved, which keeps us on our toes!

Non-automated, meaning all your lines get a thorough clean.

A service that pays for itself, guaranteed to be cheaper than doing it yourself!

How You Save Money

We use natural energy inhibitors that been tried and tested, and approved by Brewing Research International. These inhibitors are used in many different applications and are proven to inhibit yeast particles and are attached to the keg and cask lines within the cellar.

These inhibitors, together with our market leading trade strength chemical treatment,  combined with our own  portable water fed mixing unit , allows us to regulate and clean each and every line with the correct dosage and therefore replaces the traditional inconvenient weekly cleaning regime with a cost effective, energy saving, three-weekly service performed by our highly trained technicians. This standardised system is safe and very efficient, with minimal disturbance to the premises.

Our methods will reduce wastage (ullage) by up to 66%, and save your business money, here is a typical example.

Example of Savings:-  Ullage Figure of 30 pints at an average £3.50 a pint

  • Reduction in cost 60%
  • Reduction in wastage 66%
  • Less water and chemicals used 70%
  • Energy Efficent 100%

In House Line Cleaning Cost Over 3 Weeks

Ullage/Waste 30 £105 X 3 = £315
Chemical £5 X 3 = £15
Water & Gas £3 X 3 = £9
internal Labour £15 X 3 = £45
Total (Weekly) £128 X 3 = £384

Per year this adds up to an incredible  £6656

Our 3 Weekly Fully Managed Alternative

Ullage/Waste 30 £105
Chemical £0
Gas & Water £5
Clear Brew Fee £120
Total (Every 3 Weeks) £230

including our fee this is £3910 per annum 

Saving you £2746 each year

NB you claim £340 of VAT back plus our annual service fee at £2040 is 100% tax deductible, Please remember after your initial FREE clean we will provide an accurate quotation that clearly shows the exact savings your business can make




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